smart wireless hifi

Musaic is a new kind of wireless HiFi system made up of speakers that you place around your home, designed from the ground up for sound quality and ease of use.

Musaic works with your home Wi-Fi to play music from your phone, tablet, NAS drive, Mac or PC, plus over 15,000 internet radio stations and a wide range of streaming services including Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, SomaFM, iHeartRadio, Murfie and more.

Play the same music in every room, group rooms together or play different music in different rooms, all in perfect sync.


What makes Musaic unique?

True HiFi sound quality - every Musaic product has been designed in London for one primary goal - fantastic audio performance.

Total compatibility - Musaic works with almost any device and maximises the sound quality of almost any file type including 24-bit for the ultimate in high-fidelity.

Part of the connected smart home – Musaic can create and control lighting moods and integrate with other home automation technologies.