iFi is a brand new line of electronics with trickle-down technology licensed from AMR (Abbingdon Music Research) and aimed primarily at the future, Computer Audio generation. All iFi products boast Class A analogue circuitry with no DSP and the signal stays ‘Bit Perfect’ throughout.

To suggest iFi is at the leading edge of audio technology is a massive understatement, UK designed with support for the latest versions of high resolution formats and hand-selected internal components iFi bring true audiophile attention to detail to the realm of portable and computer audio sources.


How a product looks and performs matters, but so does its impact on the environment. That’s why nearly every iFi product and its packaging are made from highly recyclable materials like aluminum, paper, recycled plastic and why we refuse to use harmful toxins in our components. We do this to ensure that every product we release meets our environmental standards.